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2021 regos for boys and girls!

  • Junior Blasters: weekly 60 min cricket activities for girls & boys aged 4-7. Saturdays 8.30-10am. October - March 2022 at Gough Whitlam Park, Tempe.
  • Master Blasters: weekly 90 min informal cricket games for girls & boys aged 7-10. Fridays 5.30-7pm. October - March 2022 at Marrickville Oval, Marrickville.
  •  U11, U13 and U15 girls  9-a-side teams play 20/20 games on Saturday afternoons in Sixers Cricket League at grounds around the Inner West.
  • U10 - U17 junior teams play Saturday mornings in the CWSCA competition at grounds around inner west. Other comp and playing timesavailable on Saturday pm and Sundays. See details below.
  • Senior mens teams play Saturday afternoons.




- Stage 1 Blue (team list of 8) - usually U9 age group who are graduates of the Junior Blast program, new entrants to cricket or need another season at Blue at this beginner game level


- Stage 1 Black (team list of 8) - notionally U10 age group who are graduates from Stage 1 Blue, Junior Blasters, new entrants to cricket or need another season at Black


- U11 Div 2 (teams list of 8): same format as Stage 1 with 16M pitch & Softaball. Usually for Stage 1 graduates and those aged 10 who are entering the game with some sporting skill. There is a competition ladder, player stats and finals


- U11 Div 1 (teams list of 8): 16M pitch & Softaball. Graduates from U11 Div 2 (or Stage 1 Black with strong cricket skills). Competition ladder, player stats and finals. A higher skill level and stronger competition.


- U13 Div 2 (teams list of 11): Stage 2 rules with 18M pitch & 142gm ball.  Notionally suitable for U12’s and graduates of U11


- U13 Div 1 (teams list of 11): Stage 2 rules with a 142gm ball. Graduates from U13 Div 2.


- U15 Div 1 & Div 2 11 a side, mix of 1 day and 2 day games.


- U17 mix of 1 day and 2 day games, 11 a side


Girls have the option of playing within mixed teams in the CWSCA competition or in girls only teams in U11, U13 & U15 Sydney Sixers Girls League.

ALL junior comps break during summer school holidays.


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First, check the FAQs below. If you want to discuss which format will best suit your family or child contact:




How do I register for a team?

  • Teams are determined by the end of August and depend on registration numbers AND the number of volunteer coaches. 
  • Players MUST have registered and paid online BEFORE they can secure their place in a team.
  • Registrations close for each age group once team lists are full.
  • Register early to avoid disappointment. We will be in touch with you regarding teams soon. If you have a question, contact us ASAP.

How are age groups determined?

U11, U13 and U15/17s age group are determined by how old the player is on 31 August. For example:

  • if Jo is 10 on 31 August, Jo plays in the U11 age group
  • if Alex is 11 on 31 August, Alex plays in the U13 age group

Age variations: Players wishing to play outside their natural age group - either higher or lower - requires an exemption from competition organisers. Exemption are only grant if players meet specific criteria. Exemption need to be presented to competition organisations supported by the club. Please contact your Age Coordinator or MCC Secretary to discuss.


How does MCC form team lists?

Teams are formed by Age Coordinators in consultation wit the Club Secretary based on the following priority order:

  • Confirmation of a volunteer coach
  • Team number limits
  • Age of player
  • Previous experience
  • Division of competition
  • Player requests

How do divisions within age groups work?

Some age groups will have two or three Divisions. This depends on the number of teams entered in the competition and the playing level.


What are other competitions are available for boys teams?

  • Saturday afternoon U14 boys*
  • Sunday mornings U12 to U14 mixed*
  • Sundays U15 to U17 boys TURF wicket*

* The submission of teams in these competitions are dependent on numbers of players and the availability of coaches. 


Did your daughter or son play Junior Blasters or Master Blasters last year and are aged 7+?

  • If your son or daughter is aged 7-10, we recommend you register for a Stage 1 mixed team.
  • If your son is aged 10, we recommend you register for a U11 team.
  • If your daughter is aged 10-12 years we recommend you register for a U13 girls team.

What is Stage 1 or U11 modified cricket for 7-10 year olds?

  • Modified cricket allows young girls and boys to learn the game basic in a short fun format.
  • Both Stage 1 and U11 comps play modified rules which mean each player gets equal time at batting, fielding, and bowling. 
  • Batters do not get out – each player faces an equal amount of balls.
  • Pitches are reduced in length to help bowlers develop accuracy.
  • The difference between Stage 1 and U11 is that U11s play with a slightly heavier ball, match results get recorded and there are Finals.

I’m interested in coaching a club team or helping at Junior Blasters or Master Blasters.

  • MCC supports our volunteer coaches and managers by providing informal and formal training. Please email us now at  if you are interested in coaching this season.
  • We are planning a Cricket Australia Level 1 Community Coaching to be held early in the season. 



Contact MCC Secretary Daniel Kicuroski on