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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1141104205114842242936431141*Louis WilsonMCC Barnes2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 15 1ICC
211176549814842242919394111*Joel AgiusMarrickville2018/20192nd Division13 2Dobroyd Point
310382418314842242936436103*Mahsen NarvelMCC Barnes2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 16 1KCC Green
4100172263314842242904773100*Tim mcdonald McDonaldMarrickville2018/20193rd Division7 1Redfern All Blacks
5889618291484224294035588*William DellerMCC Bats2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 2 (Stage 3)11 1ACC
6818241831484224293642581*Mahsen NarvelMCC Barnes2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 13 1Strathfield Gold
7756562841484224294033775*Peter IkonomopoulosMCC Bats2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 2 (Stage 3)8 1EWCC Black
87310424031484224294032773*Gus SmallMCC Bats2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 2 (Stage 3)6 1Lakemba
96817226331484224290477668Tim mcdonald McDonaldMarrickville2018/20193rd Division8 1Gladstone Hotel
10637654981484224291938663Joel AgiusMarrickville2018/20192nd Division10 2Deccan Cricket Club Gold
11629112621484224291937262Joshua LeeMarrickville2018/20192nd Division6 1Newtown Seniors
126210509281484224294059662*Ishan McKeanMCC Crawford2018/2019Under 13 Division 2 (Stage 2)8 1Summer Hill Blue
13599651811484224294030659*Thomas AndersonMCC Bats2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 2 (Stage 3)3 1Summer Hill Gold
145917773311484224290478959Jason KelleherMarrickville2018/20193rd Division11 1Belmore Diggers
15589614821484224293644558*Max O'ConnorMCC Barnes2018/2019Under 15/16 Division 18 1SHCP
165710509281484224294059457*Ishan McKeanMCC Crawford2018/2019Under 13 Division 2 (Stage 2)7 1ACC
175617226331484224290475956*Tim mcdonald McDonaldMarrickville2018/20193rd Division4 1Belmore Diggers
185411555731484224294179954Harri McConkeyMCC Simpson2018/2019Under 13 Division 1 (Stage 2)7 1Summer Hill Gold
195316674051484224294055653*Kalahi Joseph-RiogiMCC Simpson2018/2019Under 13 Division 2 (Stage 2)1 1MCC Barnes
205310440241484224294059953Connor SachsMCC Simpson2018/2019Under 13 Division 2 (Stage 2)8 1Lakemba
215117226331484224290478351Tim mcdonald McDonaldMarrickville2018/20193rd Division10 1Summer Hill
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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