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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110580055215342243507101105Anthony ChauMarrickville2020/20212nd Division6 1Deccan Cricket Gold
29811444391534224358720698Lukas GiannakakisMCC Barnes2020/2021Under 15 Division 2 (Stage 3) Blue5 1Penshurst West Sixers
39717226331534224356013097Tim McDonaldMarrickville Simpson2020/2021Third Grade4 1SRT XI
4888005521534224350709788*Anthony ChauMarrickville2020/20212nd Division5 1Summer Hill
57810534761534224358266678*Jack ClarkMCC Simpson2020/2021Under 15 Division 12 1ACC
67211444391534224358721072*Lukas GiannakakisMCC Barnes2020/2021Under 15 Division 2 (Stage 3) Blue6 1MCC Crawford
76813287231534224358289568Paddy ThomasMCC Saggers2020/2021Under 15 Division 2 (Stage 3) Black5 1Kingsgrove
8669561671534224356012766Jeremy A VanosMarrickville Simpson2020/2021Third Grade3 1Ramsgate RSL
9597334481534224350709759Henry ArnullMarrickville2020/20212nd Division5 1Summer Hill
105919194291534224356871659Timothy C SpillaneMarrickville Barnes2020/2021Fourth Grade4 1True Believers
115817226331534224356011958*Tim McDonaldMarrickville Simpson2020/2021Third Grade1 1Botany United
12587835741534224350710158*Finn MorrisonMarrickville2020/20212nd Division6 1Deccan Cricket Gold
135613899881534224358943156*Toby HannanMCC Simpson2020/2021Under 13 Division 1 (Stage 2) Black5 1Lakemba
145010534761534224358266450*Jack ClarkMCC Simpson2020/2021Under 15 Division 11 1Earlwood Wanderers
155017515961534224358941850*Jesse CordeiroMCC Toshack2020/2021Under 13 Division 1 (Stage 2) Black1 1Strathfield
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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