Marrickville Cricket Club's Constitution 



At MCC we pride ourselves on setting and maintaining the highest standards of conduct, amongst players, club officials and spectators.

Players, coaches, parents and others present at games or training are expected to adhere to the spirit of cricket at all times. The central and simple principle of the Spirit of Cricket, as set out in the Laws of the game, is RESPECT.


Parents, please remember that coaches are unpaid volunteers giving up their time at games and training (and in hours of administration in many cases) for YOUR children.


Players and parents should be aware that coaches are authorised to take conduct into account in rostering players for games, and in determining batting orders. Conduct can be, and is, also taken into account in selection for representative cricket.

Parents and players are entitled to expect that coaches will treat every player with respect and consideration.


The following is a guide to behaviour that will NOT be tolerated either at games or training:

  • behaviour which endangers anyone
  • abusive or obscene language or behaviour towards anyone
  • unsportsmanlike behaviour, such as "sledging", deliberately seeking to distract a player, or cheating
  • dissent - disputing or showing disagreement with the umpires' decision - either on the field or from the sidelines
  • arguing with officials or other players
  • racism, sexism or harassment of any kind
  • unsafe or inappropriate use of equipment, or taking club equipment (including balls) without permission.


Coaches and officials are entitled to raise any concerns about behaviour with players or parents in an appropriate manner, and if necessary with the Club.

Parents or players are likewise entitled to raise concerns with coaches in an appropriate manner, and if necessary with the Club. If there are issues please raise them first with the Team Manager. If unresolved, then the Age Coordinator and/or Club Secretary.

Concerns should be raised promptly, politely, and not in front of young players. 

Concerns can arise from time to time, but please: think first about how to raise them respectfully and what YOU can do to help.

The club is not "them” - it is "us" -  it is you.





MCC enters teams in a number of competition. Each competition will have their own Code of Conduct, dispute resolution process and disciplinary hearings. 


All Code of Conduct is underpinned by the Spirit of Cricket set out in the Laws of Cricket.