Working with Children Check


A Working with Children Check (WWC) is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work.  It involves a national criminal history check and review of findings of  workplace misconduct.


MCC policy is that all Club coaches, managers and coordinators have a WWC check. A WCC is also compulsory for coaches and managers of teams in our Association. It is a free for volunteers and simple to do.

It is administered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG).  It involves completing an online form and the visting at Motor Registry Office. There is a Motor Registry at Marrickville Metro.

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to complete the WWC form online.

Click here for video instructions on how to complete the WCC form.

Click here for more information about WCC for volunteers.

It is important that every person at MCC
 responsible for chidlren, other than their own, completes this form.

For more information about WCC visit: