Constitution of the Marrickville Cricket Club


1. Name

The name of the Club shall be the Marrickville Cricket Club.


2. Colours

The colours of the Club shall be Blue and White.


3. Objectives

The objectives of the Club shall be:

3.1 To foster the game of cricket, and in particular junior cricket, in Marrickville and surrounding local government areas.

3.2.To take part in cricket matches organised by the Canterbury and Western Suburbs Cricket Association or its successor, and other matches as may be approved by the Committee of the Club.

3.3. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Club, including

         To purchase, lease, hire or by any other lawful means acquire any property deemed by the Committee to be necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Club

         To buy, sell, supply and deal in any apparatus and provisions for the use of members of the Club in connection with cricket.

         To employ or otherwise engage persons whose services may be deemed necessary for the purposes of the Club.


4. Membership of the club

4.1 Annual membership shall be open to all persons subscribing to the objects of the Club on payment of the prescribed subscription.

4.2 A parent, guardian or other responsible person subscribing on behalf of a junior player shall be deemed to be a member of the Club.

4.3 The Committee shall have the right to refuse membership to any person for any lawful reason.

4.4 Subscriptions shall be set by the Committee as soon as possible after the date of the Annual General Meeting.

4.5 Subscriptions shall be due on a date or dates set by the Committee provided that the aforesaid date is advertised to all members.

4.6 Differential subscriptions may be levied at the discretion of the Committee.

4.7 The Committee may restrict participation by any member, whose subscription remains in arrears, in games, receipt of awards, or other activities or benefits of membership.


5.Management of the club

5.1 At the Annual General Meeting of the Club a committee comprising the following shall be elected: President, Secretary, Treasurer.

5.2 Subject to this Constitution the Committee shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting to that at which it was elected. Each member of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.

5.3 The Committee shall manage the affairs of the Club.

5.4 The Committee shall have power to approve appointments for roles within the club, including team coaches and managers.

5.5The Committee may delegate any of its powers and functions to a member of the Committee. A person affected by the decisions of a delegate of the Committee may request review of such a decision by the whole Committee.

5.6 The Committee shall meet on the reasonable request of any member of the Committee.

5.7 Meetings may be conducted in person or by phone, email, or other means as determined by the Committee from time to time.

5.8 The quorum for Committee meetings shall be two members of the committee.

5.9 The position of any Committee member absent for three consecutive meetings without leave of absence shall automatically become vacant. Acceptance of an apology shall be deemed grant of such leave.

5.10 A Committee member may resign by notice in writing (including by email) to the Committee.

5.11 The Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies. If a quorum of the Committee cannot be formed to fill vacancies, a Special General Meeting may be called by any member of the Committee to conduct an election.

5.12 The Committee may co-opt up to two additional members.

5.13 The Club or the Committee may appoint subcommittees. The Committee may determine a member to be a member of any such subcommittee.


6. Meetings of the club

6.1. The club may decide matters by meeting or by ballot as provided below.

6.2 Each member shall have one vote at any meeting or in any ballot except that in the case of junior members a vote is only to be exercised by a parent or guardian

6.3 A member may by notice in writing (including email) to the Secretary appoint another member to act as proxy at any meeting.

6.4 All voting at meetings may be by show of hands, but if any member present should require the voting to be by way of ballot, thereupon such vote shall be taken by ballot in the ordinary way.

6.5 In the event of an equality of voting on any matter, the Chairperson of the Meeting shall have a second or casting vote, as well as a first or deliberative vote.

6.6 For General Meetings the quorum shall be one-sixth of the financial members of the Club.

6.7 A Special General Meeting or a ballot of the members may be called by the Committee at any time or as otherwise provided by this Constitution
6.8 A Special General Meeting or a ballot of the members shall be convened upon receipt by the Secretary of a requisition stating therein the object of such a meeting or ballot and signed on behalf of not less than one-sixth of the financial Club members. Such meeting or ballot shall be called within fourteen (14) days of receipt of such requisition. In the case of a Special General Meeting not less than seven (7) days notice shall be sent to all Club members.


Annual general meeting

6.9 The Committee shall convene an Annual General meeting of the Club within six months of the end of each financial year of the Club.

6.10 At least fourteen (14)days notice of each annual general meeting shall be given to each member by email to the member's last known address, but accidental omission to give notice shall not invalidate the meeting. The notice must state the time, date and place of the meeting.

6.11 The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

a. to receive the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts

b. to elect a Committee for the ensuing year

c. to consider motions of which due notice has been given or which any member, with the permission of the meeting, may introduce

d. to dispose of any other matter which may be, consistent with the constitution, introduced at such a meeting.

6.12 At the Annual General Meeting the President, if present, shall chair the meeting. If the President is absent at the time the meeting is due to start, the members shall elect a person to chair the meeting from those members present.

6.13 Nominations for office bearers may be made at or before the Annual General Meeting


7. Finance

7.1 True accounts shall be kept of all monies received and expended by the Club. At least once a year, the accounts of the Club shall be examined and an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet prepared.

7.2 The financial year of the Club shall end on the 31st day of May (31 May) each year, and the accounts shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

7.3 The Committee shall be empowered to invest the funds of the Club in a bank or credit union account as the Committee shall from time to time think fit.


8. Dissolution

8.1 The Club shall be dissolved if a resolution to this effect is carried by a General Meeting, fourteen (14) days of notice of the proposed resolution having been given.

8.2 If upon dissolution of the Club there remains, after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property or funds whatsoever, the same shall not be distributed or paid among the members of the Club but shall be transferred or given to some other Club or institution having objects similar to those of the Club, to be determined by the Committee at or before the time of dissolution, and in default thereof shall vest in the Canterbury and Western Suburbs Cricket Association or its successor.


9. Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a three-fifths majority at a General Meeting provided seven (7) days notice of the proposed amendment has been given to all members.


10. Interpretation

Any doubt arising as to the application or meaning of any clause of this Constitution shall be decided by the Committee whose decision will remain until altered by a vote of a General Meeting, whose decision shall then be final and conclusive. If any case occurs which, in the opinion of the Committee, is not provided for in this constitution, it shall be determined by the Committee in such manner as deemed expedient.


11. Suspension and Expulsion

11.1 The Committee may require, on seven days notice, any member to

(a) show cause why he or she should not be expelled or suspended from membership for actions bringing the game or the Club into disrepute; and/or

(b) reimburse the Club for fines incurred by the Club because of actions by the member.

11.2 The Committee is to give any member so required the opportunity to make submissions and to appear in person before the Committee. Any junior member appearing before the Committee is entitled to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

11.3 A member may appeal to a General Meeting a decision of the Committee to expel or suspend the member or to require reimbursement of fines. The Committee is to convene a General Meeting for this purpose on request.


12. Availability of Constitution

The Secretary shall cause a copy of this Constitution to be published on a website maintained by the Club.